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Marvellous mushrooms

I have always loved mushrooms, but I know many people don’t like them at all, certainly when my DD was small she wouldn’t knowingly let a mushroom cross her lips. Maybe it is the texture, the mouth-feel that some people … Continue reading

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Red knickers

The other day I was talking to a Chinese friend about my poor health this year, and she made an off-hand comment about wearing red underwear which I didn’t really register. Then during my Mandarin lesson yesterday my teacher, Annie, … Continue reading

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Counting the people – one by one

There are a lot of people in China, a helluva lot. But at the moment the powers-that-be are not absolutely sure just how many there are, nor are they sure where they all are. In China every citizen is registered … Continue reading

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Smelly armpits and non-stick envelopes

Because Beijing is a huge modern city it is easy to start thinking that living here is the same as in a big city anywhere in the world, but of course it is not. This is China after all, and … Continue reading

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