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Sweet dreams and silkworm poo

There are some things about China that mystify me, and this is one of them. Putting silkworm poo (excrementum Bombycis Mori) into pillows is definitely high on my list of odd things.   I have discovered that many Chinese think that … Continue reading

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Have oven, will travel!

Living in China has meant making numerous adjustments to my life, and some of them have been more of a challenge than others. Take cooking – I have always loved cooking and entertaining, and with an uncharacteristic lack of modesty … Continue reading

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Fast Food in China – who needs KFC, McDonald’s or Pizza Hut?

I first visited China in 1993, and in the 18 years that have elapsed there have been many, many changes. One change that started quite a few years ago is the proliferation of western ‘Fast food’ restaurants. I think the … Continue reading

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Animal bullying? – signs in China lost in translation

I do much of my household shopping at a big shopping centre which is situated on a major road. Every time I go there I am intrigued by this sign which is on the 2nd floor of a building opposite. … Continue reading

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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

I was a very lucky woman this last Christmas as a dear (and incredibly generous) friend gave me a Kindle. Despite my original scepticism, it has been an absolute godsend. In early January I read an online piece in the … Continue reading

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Ice and a slice – Gin & Tonic in Harbin

There’s cold, and then there’s colder and then there’s F****ng freezing, and in the city of Harbin that is the default temperature setting. What on earth made AMM and I decide to nip up north to Harbin for a 48 … Continue reading

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All’s Fair at Spring Festival

We decided to start our Chunjie Celebrations by going to the Ditan Yuan Temple Fair on Chinese New Year’s Eve which was the opening day. The festival runs for 10 days, and we were told that as it is the … Continue reading

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