Animal bullying? – signs in China lost in translation

I do much of my household shopping at a big shopping centre which is situated on a major road. Every time I go there I am intrigued by this sign which is on the 2nd floor of a building opposite. I have NO idea what it means. It might be the name of a restaurant.  Anyway it amuses me no end, and so I had to get a picture to share it with you. So far I haven’t summoned up the time and energy to cross the six-lane road and investigate – but one day I will.

It did occur to me that this would make an excellent name for a rock band, I think it sounds far better than Smashing Pumpkins, Blur or Red Hot Chilli Peppers – what do you think?

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Started my 60s by moving to China with my DH. Surprised to find I am still here in Beijing eight years later - still finding it an adventure!
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2 Responses to Animal bullying? – signs in China lost in translation

  1. John Rollason says:

    U2 is having a concert at the soccer stadium in Soweto tonight where the World Cup Final was held last year (the calabash). Bono has whipped up local emotions by making some remarks (which I did not hear and have not read) about Julius Malema (ANC Youth League leader) and the `Kill the Boer’ song. In phone calls to a local radio station some people were threatening to burn their collection of U2 CDs. Apparently 98,000 tickets have been sold and they are hoping to achieve a record attendance – I don’t know whether the record is for a U2 concert or for a concert in SA or what – and don’t really care!

  2. Mother of the Bride says:

    Sound to me like the plot line of one of the books in the Apple Tree Farm series. No, actually it sounds far too interesting for that. No tractors involved. (Half term looms)

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