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China and the Demon Drink

China  has been producing alcohol for some 5000 years.  Although the country is beginning to produce increasing quantities of wine (more on which in a later post), the alcoholic drink that typifies China is baijiu (pronounced ‘buy-jee-oo’) aka shaojiu  which … Continue reading

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Elephants not permitted – signs in China lost in translation

I’m rather pleased to have found this roadsign to add to my growing collection of uniquely Chinese signs.I presume it means no heavily loaded vehicles are permitted, but I just love the thought that it just might really mean that … Continue reading

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Double Blessing – Shuang Fu restaurant is cheap and cheerful

A Chinese friend of mine lives right next to Ditan Park  (Temple of Earth)  which is one of Beijing’s four great central temple parks. Whenever she and I want to get together for a catch-up on life, the universe and … Continue reading

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Testing times

Today is the first day of  gaokou – the annual National College Entrance Examination which all high school students in China have to pass in order to get a place at any higher education institution.  Gaokao is a major rite-of-passage … Continue reading

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Dragon Boat Festival and little green pyramids – making zongzi

I’m back in Beijing again, and just in time for Duanwu Jie aka The Dragon Boat Festival which takes place on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month each year.  As with every Chinese festival, there is a specific … Continue reading

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