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Delicious dumplings – homemade jiaozi and guotie.

It must be obvious that I love the Chinese dumplings called jiaozi. After all, I named my blog after them. At Chunjie, aka Spring Festival/Chinese New Year, the traditional custom is to make and eat lots of jiaozi, and at … Continue reading

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Jasmine Tea & Jiaozi is two years old this month! – zhe ge yue wo de boke liang sui!!

It’s two years since I moved to Beijing and started this blog, so I feel a mini-celebration is in order. What a tumultuous two years it has been: I  had four small  strokes (in quick succession) during my first year … Continue reading

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Lugouqiao – the Marco Polo Bridge

As it was a public holiday yesterday – Duanwujie aka Dragon Boat Festival – AMM and I decided to pack a picnic and spend the day exploring various places in the South West outskirts of Beijing.   One of the places … Continue reading

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Green hats are a no-no in China

No self-respecting Chinese male would be seen dead in a green hat.  They are the one item of clothing you will not see here.  You might like to know why, so I will tell you a little story..are you sitting … Continue reading

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Snakes alive!

Over the last ten days or so there have been disturbing reports about snakes being seen in some outer areas of Beijing and surrounding villages. Then yesterday there was a report about a pet dog being bitten by a rattlesnake … Continue reading

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Cheering from China – God Save the Queen!

t,=ep Continue reading

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China really, really loves Hello Kitty

And of course so does the rest of Asia – she is an amazing phenomenon.  When I first came to China I didn’t ‘get’ Hello Kitty (which I will refer to as HK from now on). As far as I … Continue reading

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