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Self-motivation to study: the Butterfly effect

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m doing,  living in China and trying to learn Mandarin in my 60s.  The set task for the day may be a piece of comprehension that try as I might I just can’t comprehend.  … Continue reading

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A nursery rhyme from China – with apologies to Mother Goose

These little piggies went to market – These little piggies stayed at home – These little piggies were tattooed Whilst these little piggies went diving Some little piggies were roasted But these little piggies floated down the Huangpu River and … Continue reading

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Yunnanese Roast Beef & Mint Salad

This dish is very different from the kind of food people in the west usually associate with Chinese cooking, and yet it is a traditional favourite in the south of China. For some reason in British cooking we never associate … Continue reading

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Resting In Peace or Pieces?

The powers-that-be in Venezuela have decided to have their late president Hugo Chavez  embalmed so that his body can remain on display “for all eternity”.  His corpse joins a select club of embalmees (I think I just made that word … Continue reading

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