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Anchun dan 鹌鹑蛋 – Quails’ eggs are delicious

Until I came to live in China I could count the number of times I’d encountered Quails’ eggs on one hand. Now I seem to buy and cook them regularly.  I recall that the first time I had them was … Continue reading

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Farewell Iron Lady – 送别 铁娘子 – sòng bié tiě niáng zǐ

I have been watching TV reports and reading with interest all the brickbats and bouquets being thrown at Margaret Thatcher the former British Prime Minister who died last week. She was a formidable woman of strong principles who had a … Continue reading

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Hi-tech hotel life

We’re down in Shanghai for a few days as my DH has some business to attend to, and I thought I’d tag along, get out of the Beijing air, and have a mini-break.  It has been great, the weather is … Continue reading

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A lesson on domestic violence

As my loyal readers may know, I am trying to learn Mandarin whilst living here in China.  I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I think I am making steady progress.  Every week I have two or three … Continue reading

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