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My Thank Less task

A year or so ago my teacher Annie told me that I was doing something that most English-speaking westerners do – which is not usual in China – I was saying ‘thank you” too often. I didn’t really take much … Continue reading

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Dragons “R” China

Dragons are everywhere in China. On Ming vases, beautifully carved from red lacquer,  in gold and diamond jewelry, enameled in cloisonné bowls and boxes, as friezes on buildings both ancient and modern, and woven into exquisite silk brocades. Dragons are … Continue reading

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Trash for cash – loads of old rubbish

Rubbish, trash, garbage – whatever you call it – modern living generates vast quantities of the stuff, and when you have a city the size of Beijing with a population of 20-22 million it is an unimaginable amount. In most … Continue reading

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Baby come home!

A child going missing is every parent’s worst nightmare, and that is as true in China as it is anywhere else in the world. China has a huge problem with missing children, a HUGE problem.  It is estimated that between … Continue reading

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