Incy Wincy Chinese Spider….

I am not an Arachnophobe; I don’t really mind spiders and am not terrified of them – to be honest that does not mean I would like a whole lot of them crawling all over me – but on the whole I think they are a vital and fascinating part of the natural world.

So I was interested when an ‘old, very rare’ spider was found in Sichuan Province a few days ago.  What really caught my attention was how it looked. 3A9C2E9100000578-3956784-image-a-10_1479727306847.jpg

Li Wenhua found it on his small farm in Pujiang county, Sichuan Province – down in the south west of China. He thought he had spotted an ancient relic on the ground below his orange trees, it was only when he went to pick it up that he realised it was a spider.cyclocosmia-ricketti.jpg    The spider has a very distinctive ‘plate’ on its abdomen, and the plate which is about the size of a small coin, has a very unusual pattern on it which appears similar to a carving. You can see why Li Wenhua thought he had found some kind of cultural artifact lying on the ground,


The spider in question is a Chinese Hourglass Spider (Cyclocosmia Ricketti), which is a member of the group called ‘Trapdoor spiders’. The females are approximately 28 mm long and the ‘disc’ has a radius of 16mm. This specimen is only the 6th to be seen since 2000.

Trapdoor spiders live in the ground, they build a trap lined with their ‘silk’, and when some creature that they fancy eating goes past they rush out, inject them with venom and haul them back into their trap hole for a tasty dinner.

This species of spider was first documented in China over a thousand years ago, and is thought to be the spider referred to in some Chinese literature. In China a spider is considered an auspicious symbol – there are a couple of  words for spider in Chinese, and one of them is xizi  虫喜 子 where the first character has the same pronunciation as the word for happy – xi  .

We are constantly being told  that mankind has damaged the natural world so badly that whole species are becoming extinct day by day, so it is encouraging to find such a small creature, that, despite the odds – pesticides, pollution, growing populations, erosion of habitats etc – is still hanging in there.  I reckon that insects will survive long after the human race has perished!

At the moment all I can think is ‘ain’t Nature wonderful’ – what a world we live in, we must take care of it.

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Started my 60s by moving to China with my DH. Surprised to find I am still here in Beijing eight years later - still finding it an adventure!
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9 Responses to Incy Wincy Chinese Spider….

  1. Sheila Taylor says:

    Great post – it is indeed a wonderful world!

  2. It is always surprising what Nature is still hiding from us. I mean it is only the 6th time that this spider has been seen!! Wonder what all else is still in hiding, especially in the seas

  3. Behind the Story says:

    What a strange looking spider! And the photography is amazing. There are so many strange and beautiful small plants and animals we’d never know about without nature photographers.

  4. Bea dM says:

    I wasn’t going to click ’cause the photo made me a bit queezy 🙂 Glad I did, most interesting (nice that it sounds like “happy””. I’m reminded of a Buddhist telling me insects are in a whole different class of living things… that are equipped to reincarnate in other dimensions 🙂

  5. Bea dM says:

    P.S. do please visit my last post, I’ve nominated you as a Versatile Blogger 🙂 There was no way I could overlook your often fascinating posts!

  6. Malik adeel says:

    This spider is highly toxic
    For more information about hourglass spider / Coin spider go to link.

  7. Malik Adeel says:

    This spider is highly toxic
    For more information about hourglass spider / Coin spider go to link.
    Visit this Link :

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