Park & Pee for Free!

Some clever bureaucrat in the Chinese city of Xi’an has come up with a really good idea. Public toilets  – the city has 1373 – should have a special parking place on the street next to or near them so that drivers who need the loo can pull in and do the necessary.


Starting last Wednesday the first of 80 such parking places -in prominent locations -were in operation , and the local Traffic department  plan to roll out  the scheme to cover all the public loos.  Ye Changqing, a traffic police officer, said that his detachment had determined the safest places to provide the  parking. Each parking space is marked on the road and reads ‘Parking for toilet users’, there is a time limit of 15 minutes.  Wardens will report anyone who parks for a long time to go shopping or whatever, and the public are asked to do the same to stop people abusing the system.

Why has no-one thought of doing this before?  it will stop people (mostly men) peeing in inappropriate places, making public areas smelly and unhygienic – you know what I mean!

Everyone has to heed the call of nature, and sometimes it can be really difficult.  I can recall when my kids were small one of them wailing from the back seat -‘but I have to go NOW’ – and me having nowhere convenient to stop.

If this works well in Xi’an I suspect other Chinese cities will adopt the idea, and then it might even spread internationally.

Three cheers for Xi’an for innovative thinking – we who have small bladders salute you!

About herschelian

Started my 60s by moving to China with my DH. Surprised to find I am still here in Beijing eight years later - still finding it an adventure!
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3 Responses to Park & Pee for Free!

  1. Haha what a great idea, now they just need to make those public toilets actually usable (right now it is there “enter on your own risk”)

  2. herschelian says:

    Actually the past two years there has been a massive effort to up-grade public toilets in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai etc. because tourism is such big business and foreigners expect higher standards of cleanliness and sanitation, and the new ones are very good. However, you are right that most of the old ones in less well known places are absolutely ghastly! I think they will only put the parking places next to the new toilets.

  3. Bea dM says:

    Love it when people come up with creative ideas to improve city lives. Are the Chinese sufficiently disciplined to make it work? Wouldn’t work here in Rome where there are hardly any public toilets anyway, roads are traffic choked, nobody heeds parking restrictions and a fifth of traffic wardens have medical certificates that keep them on desk jobs 🙂

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