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Recently moved to Beijing from London - its all new to me! Trying to learn Chinese, and what makes this city tick.


For some reason the flight back to China from the UK – over three weeks ago – left me with the worst jet-lag I’ve ever had. It has taken me all this time to get my body clock back to … Continue reading

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Play it as it lies – Golf in China

I’m not a golfer – are you? Here in China the popularity of the game of Golf has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. But (and it is a very big but) in the minds of … Continue reading

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Three cheers! M&S in BJ at last.

Sorry if this post seems a bit parochial, but I am (along with other Brits who live in Beijing) thrilled to bits that at long last Marks and Sparks are opening a shop here. And about time too! Hong Kong … Continue reading

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Confused about the Confucius Prize?…

Today I received an email from DW, a dear friend in the UK, asking me whether the Confucius Prize was really the Chinese equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize. DW hails originally from South Africa, and there has been much … Continue reading

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Rolling out the red carpet for a power station

The President of China Xi Jing Ping 习近平 and his wife have been on a State Visit to the UK this past week, and both the Chinese and British media have been full of it – analyzing what it means … Continue reading

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Tian Yi Mu 田义墓 – the Eunuchs’ graveyard

Before I begin – I should warn you that there are pictures and information in this blog post that some may find disturbing/distasteful –  I know gentlemen who have become very squeamish contemplating this topic! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For thousands of years, … Continue reading

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Hao jiu bu jian! 好久不见 Long time no see!

It has been a long time since I blogged. There are umpteen reasons why, but mostly because I was away from China for 2+ months, the whole of August and September. So what was I doing during that time?  I … Continue reading

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