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Recently moved to Beijing from London - its all new to me! Trying to learn Chinese, and what makes this city tick.

Why the Chinese won’t be seen dead wearing Gucci

My children and I once spent a fascinating hour watching a Chinese chap in Malacca (Malaysia) constructing a fridge out of balsa wood and paper whilst his colleague put the finishing touches on a paper model of a car.  These … Continue reading

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The Pongiest* Pizza is now available in China.

When you go out for a pizza, or order one to be delivered, what topping do you usually choose? Quattro Stagioni,  Capricciosa, Margharita, Napoletana, or something a little different such as Durian Pizza?      Durian?…WTF!  the most horrible tasting/smelling fruit in … Continue reading

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Bead counters for Bean counters

Did you, or your children, or maybe your grandchildren have one of these? My own grandsons have one – it is,of course, a child’s abacus. Coloured ‘beads’ on horizontal rods within a frame. Toddlers love pushing the beads back and … Continue reading

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Recently I had to take a plate of appetisers as a contribution to a pot-luck lunch party.  The guests were a mixed bunch of Brits, Germans, Chinese and Filipinos, I wanted to make something out of the ordinary which would … Continue reading

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How not to win friends and influence nations

Long ago, when I was a small girl living in Africa I learned an important lesson – don’t stir up trouble unnecessarily. One day my parents were at a lunch party at someone’s house; I must have been 5 or … Continue reading

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For some reason the flight back to China from the UK – over three weeks ago – left me with the worst jet-lag I’ve ever had. It has taken me all this time to get my body clock back to … Continue reading

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Play it as it lies – Golf in China

I’m not a golfer – are you? Here in China the popularity of the game of Golf has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. But (and it is a very big but) in the minds of … Continue reading

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