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Authentic China?

Seated on the shuttle train taking passengers who had arrived in Beijing through into the main airport terminal I overheard two Americans talking, and was so intrigued that I am ashamed to say I blatantly earwigged their conversation. The exchange … Continue reading

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Hen duo shijian bu xin boke – Long time no blog!

By now you may have decided that I have disappeared for ever as it is a helluva long time since I wrote a blog post. However I am still here, and the reason for the long blogging silence was the … Continue reading

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Grass Mud Horse – banning puns in China

Warning! This blog post contains some obscene language, don’t read on if you are of  a sensitive disposition or easily offended. At the beginning of December, the State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the Chinese … Continue reading

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Divorce Lawyers – they’re a big hit here.

A week or two ago I noticed something a little odd happening at the front entrance of our building. There was a group of young people (mostly young women) all standing with their backs to the entrance doors and taking … Continue reading

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Bodysnatchers in China

In Scotland during the early 1800s, there was a problem with ‘Bodysnatchers‘ or, as they were also called, ‘Resurrection Men’.  These people would remove recently buried corpses from graves by night, and sell them to surgeons at the medical schools … Continue reading

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The changing role of women published on

Originally posted on lijia zhang's blog:
Lijia Zhang Writer, Journalist and Public Speaker Subscribe to new articles by Lijia Zhang Lijia Zhang is a writer, journalist and public speaker. She describes herself as a communicator between China and the…

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What am I missing?

After a long summer away from China – it feels like a life-time but was a scant three months – I am back in the polluted air of Beijing and picking up the strands of daily living. I have to … Continue reading

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