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Why the Chinese won’t be seen dead wearing Gucci

My children and I once spent a fascinating hour watching a Chinese chap in Malacca (Malaysia) constructing a fridge out of balsa wood and paper whilst his colleague put the finishing touches on a paper model of a car.  These … Continue reading

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Qing Ming Jie – time for tomb sweeping

Tomorrow is Qing Ming Jie 清明节, which literally translates as ‘Clear Bright Festival’. It is one of the major Chinese festivals, in English it is often called ‘Tomb Sweeping Day’.  As it always held on the 1st day of the … Continue reading

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Lucky day for a haircut

Here in China it has long been thought that the luckiest day of the year to get your hair cut is longtaitou 龙抬头 (meaning ‘Dragon raises its head’ )  also known as ‘er yue er‘ 二月二. This festival is always … Continue reading

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The Jade Rabbit and the Moon Goddess

Hey ho! time flies and once again the Zhongqiu Jie 中秋節 (Mid-Autumn Festival) is nearly upon us.  Later this week millions of Chinese will be on the move to visit family and friends during this three-day national holiday. Zhongqiu Jie … Continue reading

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Eating eight-treasure porridge for a lucky year

One of China’s lesser known festivals has just come and gone. Lajie 腊八节 or Laba Festival, which is held on the 8th day of the last month in the lunar calendar, and is part of the build-up towards Chunjie (Spring … Continue reading

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Picturesque Pingyao – a glimpse of old China

Last week was Qingming  – aka Tomb Sweeping Day – offices and schools in China closed for three days holiday so that people had time to travel to their ancestral tombs to remember family members who have died, honour their … Continue reading

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Dragon Boat Festival and little green pyramids – making zongzi

I’m back in Beijing again, and just in time for Duanwu Jie aka The Dragon Boat Festival which takes place on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month each year.  As with every Chinese festival, there is a specific … Continue reading

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Ice and a slice – Gin & Tonic in Harbin

There’s cold, and then there’s colder and then there’s F****ng freezing, and in the city of Harbin that is the default temperature setting. What on earth made AMM and I decide to nip up north to Harbin for a 48 … Continue reading

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All’s Fair at Spring Festival

We decided to start our Chunjie Celebrations by going to the Ditan Yuan Temple Fair on Chinese New Year’s Eve which was the opening day. The festival runs for 10 days, and we were told that as it is the … Continue reading

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Decorating your doorways

I am only just beginning to learn about the many customs surrounding the preparations and celebrations of Chunjie, the Spring Festival which heralds the Chinese New Year. One very important custom is to decorate the entrance doorway of your home … Continue reading

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