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Guò nián hăo 过年好 – it’s the Year of the Snake

As today is the first day of the New Year let me begin by wishing you Health, Wealth and Happiness! This year is the Year of the Snake, and more specifically, the Year of the Water Snake. The snake is … Continue reading

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Delicious dumplings – homemade jiaozi and guotie.

It must be obvious that I love the Chinese dumplings called jiaozi. After all, I named my blog after them. At Chunjie, aka Spring Festival/Chinese New Year, the traditional custom is to make and eat lots of jiaozi, and at … Continue reading

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All’s Fair at Spring Festival

We decided to start our Chunjie Celebrations by going to the Ditan Yuan Temple Fair on Chinese New Year’s Eve which was the opening day. The festival runs for 10 days, and we were told that as it is the … Continue reading

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Decorating your doorways

I am only just beginning to learn about the many customs surrounding the preparations and celebrations of Chunjie, the Spring Festival which heralds the Chinese New Year. One very important custom is to decorate the entrance doorway of your home … Continue reading

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