Watch your step! – signs in China lost in translation

As someone who was unfortunate enough (or was it careless enough?) to break the same ankle twice in the past decade, I take this sign very, very seriously – and am extremely careful how I slip!

About herschelian

Started my 60s by moving to China with my DH. Surprised to find I am still here in Beijing eight years later - still finding it an adventure!
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4 Responses to Watch your step! – signs in China lost in translation

  1. Very funny indeed! It’s always an adventure going to a Chinese restaurant as well “flied rice” and “sweet and sour port” etc…will be sad when everyone is speaking/writing proper English.

  2. And of course this has a companion sign: “Have a nice trip!” ;o)

  3. Great list of books! I really want to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo after seeing the movie.

  4. herschelian says:

    Jeanne – ‘have a nice trip’ takes me right back to my schooldays!
    Kathy (aka bermudaonion) I loved your last post! Welcome to JT&J – ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ is a gripping read, however I have only seen the original Swedish movie which sticks very closely to the book and therefore some scenes were harrowing. I have been told that the Hollywood adaptation has softened the story-line somewhat. I look forward to your views!

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