Pillow Talk

Recently my DH and I had a business trip to Guangdong Province in southern China, I was delighted to have a respite from the icy weather in Beijing .

We had the good fortune to stay in what turned out to be the most luxurious accommodation I have ever experienced.  Our own mini villa, with swimming pool and natural outdoor hot-spring, fantastic food and amazing service – including our own personal butler! It was like a dream.

Thinking about this level of luxury afterwards, I decided that the key component was the attention to detail – everything you could possibly want had been provided for, almost before you realised you wanted it.

A small example was the Pillow Menu.

Pillow menu 2 Thats right, a pillow MENU!  There it was, lying on the silk and cashmere throw which covered the crisp white bed linen.  When I opened it I was amazed, there was a choice of no less than seven different types of pillow for me to choose from.


What should I go for? The Lavender Scented Pillow ? the menu says that it is made from Pearl cottons, Semen Cassiae (whatever that is) and Lavender, and it supposedly ‘facilitates and bolsters respiration and blood circulation, calms distressed digestive systems, tranquilizes and soothes the mind, curbs nausea, cures colds and migraines, alleviates insomnia and eliminates body odour.‘ Wow!

Or should it be the Silk Pillow? which amongst other things ‘reduces arterial pressures, improves sleep quality and decelerates ageing.’ It also ‘helps to prevent palindromic rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and various cutaneous  conditions.’  Even more Wow!

Pillow menu 3

I rather fancy decelerating my ageing so the silk pillow looks a winner, but on the other hand my blood circulation needs some improvement maybe the lavender would be better……oh dear, decisions, decisions….and that’s before I’ve even considered the Bamboo Charcoal Pillow or the Buckwheat Pillow.

Pillow menu 4

In the end I decided that this luxury of choice was too deep for me, and I stuck with the pillows that were already on the bed.

About herschelian

Started my 60s by moving to China with my DH. Surprised to find I am still here in Beijing eight years later - still finding it an adventure!
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3 Responses to Pillow Talk

  1. Sheila Taylor says:

    Darling it’s been a bl***y long time coming – just sink back into it and enjoy!! xxx

  2. Marj says:

    Trust you slept really well…..

  3. Dilip says:

    Fascinating hospitality. True to the oriental tradition of taking ‘care with feelings’ for the guest.

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